About Me

Add to your collection and improve its value with an experienced Civil War currency collector. Pierre Fricke is the former President of the Society of Paper Money Collectors, as well as a member of the American Numismatic Association, Early American Coppers, the Professional Currency Dealers Association and the Professional Numismatist Guild. He upholds a compelling reputation and track record for fair dealing. Learn more about our company below, and be sure to request a consultation for any of Pierre’s numismatics services.

Meet Pierre
I started my numismatic travels in 1969, when my grandmother gave me a box of old coins that I found to be fascinating. By 1973, I was an advanced collector of early American large cents by variety. I added bust half dollars to my collecting interests in the late 1980s and 1990s.

I researched my family history in Louisiana going back to the 1700s, learning more about the history of the early U.S.A and the South. Fascinated with the impact and importance of the Civil War in American history through today, I decided to focus on Confederate fiscal paper – notably Treasury notes and bonds, beginning my own Confederate paper money collection in 2001.

Notable Publications
Building upon and expanding the late Dr. Douglas Ball’s research, I wrote Collecting Confederate Paper Money – Comprehensive Edition 2005 which was named the best U.S. Paper Money book of the year by the Numismatic Literary Guild and received the SPMC Wismer award for the best paper money book in 2006. An updated, portable version – Collecting Confederate Paper Money – Field Edition 2014 – is now available. George Tremmel, Marty Davis, and I authored Confederate Treasury Certificates – A Collector’s Guide to IDRs in 2010. In June 2012, Pierre Fricke and Fred Reed authored History of Collecting Confederate States of America Paper Money – 1865-1945 – part of a growing series on Confederate fiscal collectibles. Pierre was awarded the Society of Paper Money Collectors prestigious Forrester Daniel award for literary contributions to the hobby.

Pierre the Collector
Building on this experience, I have added obsolete paper money, United States Civil War era paper money and coins, Fugio coppers and half cents to my repertoire covering many of the popular areas to collect in antebellum numismatics. Over the years, I collected Confederate paper money, Southern States paper money and other Confederate items, 1860s Large Type Federal (Union) paper money, as well as Fugio coppers (1787) by Newman variety. I have completed my Confederate paper money variety, Confederate bond, and contemporary counterfeit Confederate paper money collections. I completed a 1796 large cent collection by Sheldon variety. Also, I have completed a collection of U.S. large cents illustrating many different colors of the copper coins.

Pierre the Dealer
I am also a dealer and a strong buyer of Confederate, Texas, and US Federal Civil War currency and related items as well as many early American copper (Fugio, half and large cents). I help people build unique, rare Obsolte, Texas, Union large size, Confederate and Southern State paper money and early American copper and Civil War period collections.

Current Memberships
As a Past President and current Governor of the Society of Paper Money Collectors, a member of the Professional Currency Dealers Association, a member of the Professional Numismatic Guild, a member of the Early American Coppers organization and American Numismatic Association, I continue to be active in the hobby.

As a collector for more than 40 years, Pierre has made a vast number of contributions to the numismatic community. As such, he is a member of many organizations and is highly revered for his reliability, trustworthiness, and reputation as a collector, author, and dealer. His memberships can be found below:
PNG – Professional Numismatist Guild (www.pngdealers.org)
SPMC – Society of Paper Money Collectors (www.spmc.org)
ANA – American Numismatic Association (www.money.org)
EAC – Early American Coppers (www.eacs.org)

Pierre is a member of many other numismatic organizations. With his help and expertise, the currency collecting community has a valuable resource in the field of antebellum collectibles. His other memberships include:
FUN – Florida United Numismatists
TNA – Texas Numismatic Association
GNA – Georgia Numismatic Association
BNS – Boston Numismatic Society
NENA – New England Numismatic Association
JRCS – John Reich Collectors Society